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A Guide from Parramatta Dentist

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap used to cover a damaged tooth or to cover the dental implant, etc. It helps to retain the size, shape, strength of your tooth and improve your appearance. The crown when placed, it will cover the entire visible portion of your tooth that lies above your gum line. Some of the situations your dentist in Parramatta suggest undergoing dental crown treatment include

  • Protecting your cracked tooth
  • To Safeguard your dental implants
  • Protecting your weak tooth
  • Used to cover your tooth after root canal treatment
  • Covering the tooth which has large filling
  • Protecting the broken tooth
  • While holding the patient’s dental bridge
  • Protecting the severely worn tooth and more.

Even though the dental crown provides many benefits for patients, they also have many disadvantages or risks affecting their oral health.

Risks involved in Dental crown

Among the various dental risks of a dental crown, the two most common defects of the dental crown are mentioned below.

  • Gum Disease
  • Risk involved in root canal treatment

Gum Disease:

While placing a dental crown, the patients may feel difficult when brushing and flossing their teeth. This is one of the main causes for gum disease. Also, in the case, if the crown is placed little above or below the gum line, it may act as a refuge to bacteria which in turn cause gum tissue inflammation.

Risk involved in root canal treatment

If a patient fails to maintain their oral health, the root canal can be re-infected due to the leakage of restoration. Since the root canal treatment involves the removal of tooth nerves, if the tooth is infected you cannot identify it. You can identify the infection only when it reaches your jawbone. Also, in the case, if your crown is broken, chipped or degraded, the tooth may get infected.

Few Tips to Avoid Risks Caused by Dental Crowns

Choose the Right Dentist in Parramatta

While planning to get dental crowns, you need to search for the best dentist in your area by asking your friends, relatives, etc. Word-of-mouth is the best way to choose the right dentist. Also, you need to check whether the dental clinic has the latest equipment to perform the procedure.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

The patients who are wearing the dental crown should maintain their oral hygiene. Since poor dental hygiene could result in tooth decay and gum disease, the patients should maintain their oral health by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. Also, they should avoid few foods such as sugary foods, very hot or cold foods, etc. to avoid cavity or tooth decay.

Regular Dental Visits

After performing the dental crown treatment, you need to visit Parramatta dentist regularly. Failing to visit your dentist can lead to many dental risks since the dentist can find any dental issues in its initial stage and give proper treatment.

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