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About Parramatta Green Dental

Your Parramatta Dental Clinic

Parramatta Green Dental provides the best atmosphere and a great ambience with spacious parking. We are committed to provide personalised care, precise diagnosis and the right treatment, no wonder we are highly valued by our dental colleagues. We pride ourselves in offering the finest standards of care and do our best to meet your unique expectations. Here are a few aspects that we have considered to make Green Dental the best clinic for you:

Parramatta Green Dental Clinic


Green Dental is situated in one of the most accessible locations in town. We are located at Westfield ground level opposite Rebel Store and close to the train station, which makes it easy to reach. The facility can also be easily accessed through GPS or any other mapping device.

Facilities at your Parramatta Dental Clinic

At Parramatta Green Dental, we want you to feel like at home. We have the latest entertainment systems, so you can listen to soothing music or even watch a movie or your favourite TV show while the treatment is being carried out. Our waiting area is luxurious and comfortable, so if you bring in a companion or child when you visit for the treatment, they will not feel bored here.

Specialist Dental Suite

You’ll experience a whole new level of innovation and technology when you step into our specialist dental suite. Our clinic is set up with the most advanced dental instruments and state-of-the-art equipment and this includes 3D Dental CT scans, digital radiography and Intra Oral Camera. You will be treated with special care and attention. Our considerate and cheerful approach will instantly put you at ease so stay relaxed as we ensure a pleasing and painless transformation to a healthy happy smile.

Easily Accessible

All the facilities in Parramatta Green Dental are quickly accessible and our staff is always ready to help. We are friendly, easy to understand, and offer ace treatment according to your unique dental needs. Our website is well designed, intuitive and simple to navigate, so hope you will find it easy to browse through different treatments we offer at our dental clinic.

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