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Know The Wonders Of Orthodontic Treatment!

“Language Exerts Hidden Power, Like The Moon On The Tides”!
Crooked or misaligned teeth can have numerous negative impacts on your day-to-day life. It can disturb your overall confidence together with the way you communicate, smile and eat.
It can even transform your facial structures. But, with the latest advancement in the dental technology, the crooked or misaligned teeth can be realigned without any difficulty. The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to straighten your teeth and smile with the help of braces and aligners. Orthodontic treatments can help fix imperative problems like crowded teeth, tooth gaps, crooked teeth, overbite or underbite. Here, are some key points offered by the dentist in Parramatta on the wonders of Orthodontic Treatment!
Know Some Orthodontic Treatment Types!
Braces are made of two major components – the wire and brackets. The arch wire is the thin wire that extends all across your teeth through the brackets. The metal brackets are cautiously presented on your teeth, and it’s the slim wire that employs a gentle force on the teeth and moves them. These brackets help pushing your teeth into the correct position with a gentle pressure on the arch wire over a period. The Parramatta dentist assures that braces offer fantastic results!
Advantages of Braces!
 Strength: Metal braces are strong and durable, and thus, they last for a long time. Some orthodontic treatment options don’t have the ability to handle severe misalignments. But, with metal braces, you can effectively overcome the most complicated oral issue.
 Reasonable: Metal braces are reasonably priced, when compared to other orthodontic treatment options. They offer an attractive and healthy smile that you deserve.
Clear Aligners:
Clear aligners are a pair of transparent, removable aligners which are custom-made to fit your teeth. They are absolutely transparent and invisible even from a very short range. Unlike other orthodontic treatment options, they don’t crack or get hurt easily. It’s simple to remove, and easy to clean. There won’t be any restrictions on food or drink.
Advantages of Clear Aligners!
 No Food Restriction: There won’t be any need to changing your eating habits, because, clear aligners can be easily removed. Thus, relish your favourite food with the clear correct invisible braces.
 Easy to Clean: Clear aligners are made of comfortable and smooth plastic material. They are removable, and your teeth will be much easier to clean. Clear aligners make daily oral hygiene stress-free, reducing the risk of oral problems.
Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment:
Orthodontist in Parramatta states that everyone desires to make a conversation with a beautiful smile. This is because a smile exposes the great impression we wish others to feel of us. Some of its benefits are as follows:
 Enhances the smile.
 Boosts self-confidence.
 Improves the oral health.
 Lasts for a lifetime.
 Improves your biting and chewing ability.
 Reasonably priced.
When you are planning for any orthodontic treatment procedures, consider the dentist in Parramatta!

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Toothache – Reasons And How To Handle One

Toothache – Reasons And How To Handle One

“Some pains a physical, and some pains are mental, but the one that’s both is dental” – Ogden Nash
Your head pounds, your gum throbs, and your mouth is sore and tender? You have got a toothache!
A toothache is such a frustrating condition that results from various causes. Toothaches can take a lot of forms, you may feel dull, throbbing pain in your jaw, a sharp pain when you bite or drink something cold. But it has one thing in common, they tend to be a symptom of an issue which your dentist in Parramatta will need to address.
Even if your pain subsides on its own, it doesn’t mean the problem is resolved. If your teeth or gum is upsetting, there are good chances, which your body is warning you that there is something wrong, do not ignore it.
Common Causes Of Dental Ache Includes:
There is no one reason for a toothache because the dental pain is usually a symptom of some serious problem in your body, it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible.
1. Gum Disease: The plaque formation in the gum, if left unnoticed, can damage the tooth root and the bone that supports your teeth. This gradually causes the teeth to loosen and cause ache.
2. Tooth Decay: If bacteria or plaque erodes the enamel of your teeth, the sensitive nerve ending gets exposed within the underlying dentine and continue to infiltrate into the centre of the tooth reaching the pulp, resulting in severe pain and sensitivity. Your dentist in Parramatta can detect these at an early stage and cure it at ease if you go for regular dental check-ups.
3. Abscess: Gum disease and tooth decay can cause an abscess to form alongside and below the tooth root. This can cause pain and spread infection.
4. Bruxism: This is a painful condition that results from grinding your teeth, it causes the teeth to wear down over time, exposing the sensitive layers of the teeth and also strain the supporting structures.
5. Trauma: If your tooth gets chipped or cracked due to some trauma or accidents, you will be in severe pain that can make you visit an emergency dentist in Parramatta.
Tips To Follow When You Suffer A Toothache:
The first and foremost tip anyone would give is a visit to a dentist. Do not put yourself at risk. A toothache is not just a condition, it is an alarm of some other serious condition too. However, if you could not see your dentist right away and the pain is unbearable, try out some remedies to ease yourself before reaching the dental clinic in Parramatta:
• Try reaching your dentists through phone and ask for some pain relievers.
• Gargle with lukewarm salt water.
• Place an ice bag beside your cheek to numb the affected area.
• Apply gauze and bite if you bleed.
• A toothache can also result when some food particles get stuck between your teeth, so try brushing.

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Fissure Sealing

Major Benefits of Visiting Your Dentist Regularly

Most people tend to forget the fact that our teeth have an expiry date and their lifespan depends on how much care we put into them. The stress involved in losing teeth at young age due to poor oral hygiene can be too much. It not only affects the way we look but it will also make us disconnected from our social life.

Oral hygiene is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to personal care as we give way more importance to outwardly appearance. But your smile contributes a lot to the way you look too and a perfect smile can only be achieved if you maintain adequate oral health. Hence, we have put together some of the advantages of paying regular visits to your dentist in Parramatta
• To know the status of your oral health:
A dentist in Parramatta can give you a clear idea about the health of your mouth by performing a thorough oral inspection. Other than your current oral condition, you would also understand whether you need to do anything to improve your oral well-being.
• To solve simple problems before it get complex:
When experiencing a minor tooth ache, people often ignore it and let it pass. This is where the problem gets started. Ignoring these small things could produce more serious issues in the future like bleeding of gums, plaque formation and could eventually lead to losing your teeth altogether. In case of people who smoke and drink, the problem is even bigger as it might result it oral cancer. Hence, you have to check up with your dentist in Parramatta regularly to avoid inflating any minor issues.
• To overcome bad breathe:
Plaque formation is one of the primary reasons for bad breathe. It is caused by food particles getting stuck between your teeth for a long time due to improper brushing habits. In Parramatta dentists perform the required procedure to remove those plaques from your teeth so that oral health can be restored.
• To fix broken teeth
Yes, broken teeth can be fixed. But it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
• To keep your bad habits under control
There are a number of bad habits such as teeth grinding, nails biting, caffeine addiction, sweet tooth, jaw clenching etc. that could have a negative influence on our oral health. By having your dentist inspect your mouth regularly, you can get to know any oral damages that you might not have noticed otherwise.
If you are worried about spending money on your frequent dental visits, keep in mind that you would end up paying a small fortune when your oral health gets out of hand.

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Tips To Avoid Dental Implants Failure

Tips To Avoid Dental Implants Failure

Due to the natural appearance and unparalleled durability of the dental implants in Parramatta, most dentist and patients prefer dental implants treatment to replace their missing tooth. Most people experience missing tooth due to various reasons including injury, tooth decay, and gum disease. Even though the cause for the missing tooth may vary, the benefits it offers can provide you the permanent solution for your missing tooth.


During dental implants treatment, your dentist will place the implants in your jawbone and allow it for osseointegration process. It is the process by which the implant integrates with your jawbone. After the osseointegration process, your dentist will place the permanent crown on the implants. The implants act similar to your natural tooth root and crown act as the natural tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants procedure is the permanent solution for your missing tooth. With proper care and maintenance, it can last a lifetime. Here are few benefits of undergoing dental implants treatment.

  • Comfortable
  • Maintain dental health
  • Convenience
  • Improved appearance
  • You can eat your favorite foods
  • Durability
  • Improved speech

The success rate of your dental implant treatment depends on your oral health and the instructions you follow after undergoing dental implants treatment. Although the dental implant procedure is a permanent solution for your missing tooth, without proper care and maintenance, it can result in dental implant failure.

How to Avoid Dental Implant Failure?

You can avoid dental implants failure by following the instructions of your dentist and maintaining your oral health. Here we have mentioned few tips to avoid dental implants failure.

Consult an Experienced Dentist

If you are suffering from missing tooth, you need to consult with an experienced dental implant expert. The experienced dentist has been undergoing many dental implants procedures and has the knowledge of handling even serious issues. Choosing the dentist depending on low-cost can lead to low-quality dental implants treatment. If you compromise the quality, you may have to face various issues related to the implants in the future. So be sure to choose the dentist who offers high quality dental implants treatment to their patients.

Avoid Applying Pressure to Your Implants

After the dental implants treatment, you need to avoid applying pressure on the new implants. So avoid eating crunchy foods or snacks with your new implants since they can loosen your implants. You need to use soft bristle toothbrushes to avoid high pressure on your implants. Also, avoid using straws to drink liquids to eliminate the pressure on the implants.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol can badly affect the healing process and even your implants. It can also affect the longevity of your implants and even result in dental implant failure. So you need to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol at least for few days after the dental implant procedure to speed up the recovery process.

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4 Top Preventive Dental Care Strategies

4 Top Preventive Dental Care Strategies

Preventive dentistry stresses the importance of oral hygiene and the daily practice that prevents the various dental diseases. The preventive dentistry is the combination of the at-home dental care and the counselling by an experienced dentist. As we know, prevention is better than cure; you need to maintain your oral hygiene and visit your dentist in Parramatta regularly to prevent the various dental problems that may affect your oral health. Apart from oral hygiene, you need to maintain a healthy diet and be careful about the foods you have before going to bed. Since they are the main source of formation of the bacteria or germs in your mouth, you should avoid the foods that help the formation of bacteria before going to bed. Here we have mentioned few preventive dental care strategies that include home care activities and the treatment carried out in the dental clinic in Parramatta.

  • Home care
  • Fluoride use
  • Mouth guards
  • Regular dental visits

Home Care

The most important home care technique includes brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day regularly. If possible, it is better to brush and floss your teeth after each meal. This helps to remove the food particles that are stuck in your teeth which is the main cause of cavity and tooth decay. By brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, you can avoid the growth of bacteria. It can also prevent the formation of a film like coating called plaque so that you could avoid gum diseases.

Fluoride Use

Fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay and strengthen your teeth. The fluoride treatment is mostly carried out in a dental office in the presence of your dentist. For this treatment, a thorough dental check-up will be performed by your dentist in Parramatta. Then your teeth will be cleaned to remove the dirt present in your teeth. After the cleaning process, your dentists will place a special tray containing concentrated fluoride gel inside your mouth, and it is left for some time. Then the tray will be removed, and your teeth will be varnished. You need to avoid eating foods for nearly one hour based on your dentist advice.

Mouth Guards

Most dentists suggest the sportsman or people involved in sports activities to wear custom-made mouth guards to protect their teeth from various injuries. The mouth guards are also used to treat the teeth grinding habit which may cause affect your teeth and results in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

Regular Dental Visits

By visiting your dentist regularly, you can avoid various dental issues. In the initial stage, you may not experience any pain or discomfort. A regular dental visit can help you identify the dental issues in the early stage and avoid complication in the future.

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A Guide from Parramatta Dentist

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap used to cover a damaged tooth or to cover the dental implant, etc. It helps to retain the size, shape, strength of your tooth and improve your appearance. The crown when placed, it will cover the entire visible portion of your tooth that lies above your gum line. Some of the situations your dentist in Parramatta suggest undergoing dental crown treatment include

  • Protecting your cracked tooth
  • To Safeguard your dental implants
  • Protecting your weak tooth
  • Used to cover your tooth after root canal treatment
  • Covering the tooth which has large filling
  • Protecting the broken tooth
  • While holding the patient’s dental bridge
  • Protecting the severely worn tooth and more.

Even though the dental crown provides many benefits for patients, they also have many disadvantages or risks affecting their oral health.

Risks involved in Dental crown

Among the various dental risks of a dental crown, the two most common defects of the dental crown are mentioned below.

  • Gum Disease
  • Risk involved in root canal treatment

Gum Disease:

While placing a dental crown, the patients may feel difficult when brushing and flossing their teeth. This is one of the main causes for gum disease. Also, in the case, if the crown is placed little above or below the gum line, it may act as a refuge to bacteria which in turn cause gum tissue inflammation.

Risk involved in root canal treatment

If a patient fails to maintain their oral health, the root canal can be re-infected due to the leakage of restoration. Since the root canal treatment involves the removal of tooth nerves, if the tooth is infected you cannot identify it. You can identify the infection only when it reaches your jawbone. Also, in the case, if your crown is broken, chipped or degraded, the tooth may get infected.

Few Tips to Avoid Risks Caused by Dental Crowns

Choose the Right Dentist in Parramatta

While planning to get dental crowns, you need to search for the best dentist in your area by asking your friends, relatives, etc. Word-of-mouth is the best way to choose the right dentist. Also, you need to check whether the dental clinic has the latest equipment to perform the procedure.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

The patients who are wearing the dental crown should maintain their oral hygiene. Since poor dental hygiene could result in tooth decay and gum disease, the patients should maintain their oral health by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. Also, they should avoid few foods such as sugary foods, very hot or cold foods, etc. to avoid cavity or tooth decay.

Regular Dental Visits

After performing the dental crown treatment, you need to visit Parramatta dentist regularly. Failing to visit your dentist can lead to many dental risks since the dentist can find any dental issues in its initial stage and give proper treatment.

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Teeth Whiteing Parramatta

Reasons to Opt Teeth Whitening Procedure

Are you suffering from teeth discoloration? Professional teeth whitening in Parramatta will help you retain the brightness of your teeth. Due to the various benefits provided by professional teeth whitening service, it is becoming more and more popular among the people across the nation. Tooth whitening is one of the easily accessible and affordable dental procedures done by every experienced cosmetic dentist in Parramatta. Our teeth get stain due to the regular intake of coffee, tea, red wine, etc. Few reasons why most people consider teeth whitening procedure are mentioned below.

Remove Stains: Stains on teeth are caused due to various foods and drinks we consume. People who need to remove the stain from their teeth prefer professional teeth whitening treatment.

Special Occasions: Every people want to look their very best for special occasions. So when people need to attend a marriage or any party or any other special event, they prefer teeth whitening service to improve their appearance.

Job Interview: Since the first impression is the best impression, when attending a job interview, most people undergo teeth whitening process to give an excellent first impression. Also, teeth whitening procedure will increase their confidence.

Aging Teeth: The natural aging process may be a cause of yellow teeth and make your teeth look old and unhealthy. So undergoing teeth whitening process can help you regain your brighter smile and healthy teeth.

Oral Hygiene: If you are a person willing to have a better oral health, then teeth whitening process is one of the best options to maintain your oral health and brighter health. Since these type of patients care about their appearance and they spend the time to brush, floss and have regular dental visits. This helps to maintain good oral hygiene and prevents various dental diseases.

Improve your Confidence: Yellow teeth will be embarrassing, and so it is important to undergo teeth whitening procedure to improve your appearance. You boost your self-esteem and confidence that comes from white teeth and a brighter smile.

Remove Stains Due To Smoking: Smoking will damage your dental health and leads to tooth discoloration, plaque, and bacteria on your teeth. Teeth whitening procedure can help you target the tooth discoloration and gain whiter teeth and healthy smile.

Non-surgical Procedure: One of the main reasons for undergoing teeth whitening process is it is a non-surgical procedure. Also, teeth whitening process is a pain-free and risk-free option for whitening your teeth.

Inexpensive: Unlike other dental procedures, teeth whitening procedure is an inexpensive yet very effective procedure to whiten your teeth. You can consult your dentist in Parramatta about various teeth whitening options and their cost, but no other teeth whitening option is better compared to the whitening procedure done at dentist’s office.

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Your Teeth Renewed!

The most modern dental treatments and procedures are now available to give you a beautiful smile. But first you need to know what is absolute dental health and only then you will be able to identify what sort of help you need. So, you do not rush to the dentists in Parramatta only when there is an acute pain or in any unbearable condition. You must be educated regarding dental hygiene. When your teeth is renewed your natural smile and its beauty is restored and enhanced.

General Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry, dental examinations, general check-up using X-rays to detect cavities, tumours, cysts, bone loss, checking the position of the teeth and roots, checking root health, evaluation of gums for any infection or disease, examination of bones around gums and teeth, examination of the internal tissues in the mouth for any signs of oral cancer, dental cleaning by removal of tartar, dentures, removal of wisdom tooth, endodontics, root canal treatment, extractions, post-operative instructions and sleep dentistry are the many divisions under general dentistry.

Latest Dental Technology

Digital X-rays and digital radiography is a highly advanced diagnostic tool. This reduces the time taken for diagnosis. It is more computerised and uses less radiation. Intra-oral camera is a boon to the dental treatment realm, as it can reach the most inaccessible areas and small enough to be moved inside the mouth while feeding the output to a live monitor. Cone 3D beams is the best dental equipment invented so far. It creates a 3D image of the mouth after it is scanned, which can be rotated in any direction that the dentist wishes. It can scan bones and face tissues easily. It is highly useful in extraction on wisdom tooth, analysis of broken or impacted tooth, planning of jaw surgery, insertion of dental implants, gum assessment and scanning of cysts and lesions. OPG and Lat Ceph is an advanced form of X-ray which provides a panoramic view of all your teeth in one film. It is very useful for cosmetic treatments, planning orthodontic treatment, assessment of wisdom tooth and to view the bones which support the teeth.

  Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth whitening, white filling, dental bonding, dental crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers etc. come under cosmetic dentistry.

Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is better than cure. Hence it is better to preserve your dental hygiene by periodic consultation and examination. Tips for oral hygiene can be sought and followed from the dentists in Parramatta. Sports mouthguard is a good protective solution to prevent severe injuries. Solutions for snoring, bad breath and teeth grinding are available. Fluoride treatment is necessary nowadays for stronger teeth, since most of the foods we consume are genetically modified.

Dental implant

Dental implant is an artificial root placed in the jaw to fix a duplicate tooth. Implant is placed in the location of a lost tooth or a removed tooth. Multiple dentures can be fixed too.


Braces produce fantastic outcome through arch wires and brackets, by pushing your teeth into the right position by gentle and steady pressure.

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Orthodontist Parramtta

Question to ask yourself while choosing a dental health care provider

In modern times, dental health is something that is in quite a precarious state, to such an extent that, according to the WHO, teeth and gum diseases are the most common health problems. As such, finding good dentists in Parramatta to prevent and cure such illnesses is surely mandatory. Consider the following queries when you search for the best dentist in Parramatta:

1- What are his/her working hours? Is his/her timing meshing well with your schedule?

A relaxed mindset is absolutely necessary for a successful visit to your dentist. Hence, make your appointments with a doctor, whose work hours do not clash with yours, to ensure complete compatibility.

2- What is the dentist’s approach to preventive dentistry?

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. A good dentist should give appropriate importance to this field of dentistry. Pay attention to your chosen dentist’s way of dealing with preventive measures.

3- How often does he/she attend conferences and dental education workshops?

Dentistry, like every other field of science, medical or otherwise, is continually evolving. In Parramatta, dentist has to be up-to-date with recent breakthroughs in dental medicine. Also, he/she has to be able to implement them thoroughly.

4- Where was the dentist educated?

Even though practical experience outweighs theoretical knowledge by far, every professional needs to have a sound knowledge of the foundational basics of their chosen field. Your dentist’s alma mater is the best referral point in their proficiency in this.

5- What arrangements are made to handle emergencies outside office hours?

Sometimes, a patient’s condition might require immediate medical attention outside office hours. In such a case, most dentists make arrangements with either emergency referral services, or with colleagues. You need to make sure that such agreements are comfortable on both sides, and that the alternate professional is both trustworthy and comfortable to work with.

6- Is your dentist easy to work with?

In a doctor-patient relationship, trust and ease of communication is a necessity. While choosing a dentist, make sure that he/she is comfortable to talk to, that you can trust his/her diagnosis and the cure offered by him/her for your particular problem.

7- Is your dentist a member of a reputed dental health care association?

Make sure that the dentist you choose is a member of a dental association of good repute. Not only does this ensure his/her credentials, it also makes him/her answerable directly to you in case of any problems.

These given points form nothing more than a helpful framework of criterion on which to gauge your dentist. Above all, the dentist you choose has to be a trusted advisor whom you can turn to at all times- for your dental health is very closely interlinked with the well-being of both your physique and psyche!

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Root Canal Parramatta

Few Aftercare Tips Following a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal or endodontic treatment is done when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. The inflammation or infection of pulp can have a variety of causes: deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, faulty crowns, or a crack or chip in the tooth. The root canal treatment in Parramatta involves the removal of the infected or inflamed pulp and the inside of the tooth is carefully disinfected and cleaned, then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Afterwards, the tooth is restored with a filling or crown for protection. After restoration, the tooth continues to function like the normal tooth.

Aftercare of a Root Canal Treatment

Once your permanent crown is placed, avoid taking in crunchy and hard foods for a few days in that area. After a week or so, you will be able to eat normally. If you do experience pain when biting, contact your dentist in Parramatta, because sometimes an adjustment to the crown may be needed. The sides of your mouth will be numb after the root canal. This means that you will not feel anything for the first few hours but always take care not to chew anything on the side of your mouth for the time being.

Guidelines for Post-Treatment Care

  • For at least 2 days after the root canal treatment, eat soft foods and stay away from hot food.
  • As your teeth and gums are very sensitive during this time, do not eat anything too cold or too got after root canal.
  • Rinse your mouth with lukewarm salty water to get some relief.
  • The area of your mouth where the procedure was done will remain swollen for some time and it is better to place an ice pack on it to bring the swelling down.
  • Eating after treatment is fine, but you should wait until your mouth is no longer numb to avoid biting your tongue.
  • When you have a temporary crown you should avoid biting on that side of your mouth.
  • Avoid chewing on hard foods like ice, since it can harm root canals, and breaks your teeth
  • Brush and floss the area regularly and promptly to keep the tooth clean.
  • Some of the foods suggested during the healing period are mashed potatoes, puddings, poached eggs, banana, baked apples, milk, etc.

Root canal treatment involves the use of special equipment to clear the root canal of all infection, before filling the tooth and in many cases adding a crown to give it extra strength. This often requires at least two appointments, so that your dentist can be sure that the infection has completely cleared before they permanently fill the tooth.

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