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Causes For Snoring and Benefits of Using Mandibular Advancement Device

The most widely recognized air circulation blockades stem from age, weight, sleep position and nasal congestion. Examining the common problems, it’s easy to accept that snoring is at times difficult to pin-point a direct cause, and in some cases, it requires professional medical aid like Mandibular Advancement Device customized by your dentist in Parramatta to settle. The main causes for snoring are Aging and Weight.

Aging Causes Snoring

Aging is the primary cause for snoring that becomes frequent and dominant over time, especially if the condition pre-exists in combination with any other airway obstruction. As your age increases, your throat’s muscles tone changes, becoming slightly narrower in shape. To avoid age taking its toll on your sleeping habits, avoid alcohol, smoking, sleeping pills, gaining weight, and medications with harmful side-effects.

Weight Causes Snoring

Weight is one of the most established causes of snoring. A person who is overweight tends to have thicker neck tissues, which cause strain on their throat. Maintaining your weight, staying active and having healthier dietary habits will help to eliminate the extra tissue and weak muscle tone from the airway, consequently relieving snoring.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

Mandibular Advancement Device is a sleep apnoea device that can be worn on your teeth during sleep like an orthodontic appliance. Research shows that the device is effective in treating mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea and getting rid of snores. MAD is extremely safe and requires a non-invasive and painless treatment.

Benefits of Mandibular Advancement Device

Safe and effective

Mandibular Advancement Devices are extremely safe and proven highly effective for treating snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.

Custom fitted

The Mandibular Advancement Splint is customized by using an accurate impression mould as administered by a qualified dentist in Parramatta, to the precise shape of your mouth as well as contours of your teeth.

Periodic adjustments

For accurate fit and comfort, the device is easily adjusted over time using a titration key. This periodic adjustment ensures that you no need to replace your device as often or in advance.

Pain-free and Non-invasive

A Mandibular Advancement Device offers a great painless alternative to surgery. The straightforward procedure is no more invasive as the fitting of an orthodontic plate or an athletic mouth guard.

Stop anytime you want

For any reason, if you wish to discontinue the oral appliance, it is entirely reversible. Unlike surgery, it is not permanent, so you can easily halt your treatment and revert to your previous state.

Discreet treatment

The splint is an unobtrusive and small Device, which does not interfere with your lifestyle. Even with the Mandibular Advancement Splint in your mouth, you can still drink and talk, without anyone noticing that you are wearing it.

Competitive pricing

The cost of the Mandibular Advancement device is very less. It means a small price to pay for many nights of restful sleep. The dental device is competitively priced compared to other conservative treatments, but much less expensive than surgery.

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