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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to strengthen and restore the shape of the teeth that have been weakened by drilling or trauma. Though silver crowns were used earlier, modern dentistry has paved the way for use of porcelain crowns that look natural and are almost impossible to identify. In fact, silver crowns have become obsolete. They are also referred to as ‘caps’ by some dentists.

Dental Crowns

Parramatta Green Dental implements the latest advancement in crown design manufacturing to provide our clients with the best treatment possible. But before you get your crowns fixed, here are a few things that will help you understand about the importance and use of dental crowns.

Crowns Are Used To:

  • Increase the strength of the tooth
  • Protect the sensitive areas of the tooth after root canal treatment
  • Improve the shape of the tooth
  • Secure fractured, broken or worn out tooth

Reasons for Crowns Placement

When a tooth is damaged or drilled heavily, the natural structure of the tooth is compromised, thereby making it weak. Hence, something is needed to keep the tooth in place and protect it. This is the most common reason why crowns are used.

When a root canal treatment is performed, a portion of the root, or in some cases, the complete root will be removed, thereby making the tooth very week. A crown will be used here to support the tooth completely. If there is a broken tooth or a missing tooth as a result of trauma or advanced tooth decay, it will leave a gap in your tooth making your smile quite unpleasant. The tooth which is adjacent to the gap will be called an anchor or an abutment in dental terms. A cap or a bridge will be placed on this tooth to fill the cap or restore the broken tooth.

On the whole, crowns have both cosmetic and functional advantages. They are made of different materials and the dentists at Parramatta Green Dental will make sure that they suit you as they are specially handcrafted by our dental technician. However, you can inform us earlier if you are allergic to any metal or material.

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