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Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

Composite bonding commonly referred to as dental bonding has been utilised in the field of dentistry since some time now. This is one of the most ideal techniques to fix fractured, broken, and tarnished teeth not to mention helps in replacement of silver amalgam fillings. Composite bonding also rewards you with a more attractive smile as they come in handy to cover gaps and remodel badly aligned teeth thus making your smile more even and straighter.

This is perhaps the most conventional form of dental cosmetology. Bonding ensures changes to the enamel of the tooth are minimal thereby ensuring that the process can be undone if the enamel of the tooth is untouched. The outcome is instantaneous.

Composite bonding is being made use of since several decades. Composite bonding of teeth is a preferred alternative as the substances utilised is almost similar to original shades of your teeth.

The Process:

  • Local anaesthesia is administered to make your teeth and the tissues around insensitive although not all bonding processes need an injection
  • A “rubber dam” is used to separate the tooth to be repaired from the remaining teeth. The “rubber dam” is a flimsy rubber sheet positioned on the mouth. This comes in useful to ensure dryness of teeth since there every chance of saliva interfering with composite bonding.
  • Intensive cleaning of tooth is done making sure that the tooth is free of decay, tartar and gets rid of particles of food lodged around the tooth.
  • In order to make the tooth surface rough, the tooth is readied with the aid of a gel that comprises of a base of phosphoric acid. The coarsened tooth surface is then treated with glue like agent and positioned with the help of concentrated ultraviolet rays coming from an intense source. The amalgam is layered and solidified at every phase with ultraviolet light. This process continues till the desired form is attained.
  • The final phase involves the polishing of the restored teeth to accomplish the ultimate shape and an even finish.

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