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Alyssa Alessandro

Alyssa Alessandro is an oral health therapist dual trained in both hygiene and dental therapy.

This qualification allows Alyssa to treat both adults and children. Alyssa graduated from the university of Sydney with a bachelor or Oral Health.

With over 3 years of clinical training in the dental field, Alyssa specialises in the care of treatment of children under the age of 18 years of age and periodontal health of adults, making every dental visit a fun and enjoyable experience.

Dr Natalie Wong - Dentist at Parramatta Green Dental
Dr Cecilia So

Dr Cecilia So is our surgical dentist, providing expertise in dental implants, surgical extractions.

Dr Charles Xu
Dr. Charles Xu

Dr. Charles Xu, a graduate from University of Sydney Dentistry program has a strong passion in the fields of Aesthetic, implant and surgical dentistry.

Dr Natalie Wong - Dentist at Parramatta Green Dental
Dr Natalie Wong

Dr. Natalie Wong graduated from the University of Melbourne and has worked in public and private practices.

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