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Emergency Dental

How to handle an Emergency Dental Condition?

A dazzling smile can make people seem friendly and gorgeous. How about a toothless smile? Jokes apart, teeth form a very important part of our look and personality.

A crooked tooth is an aesthetic as well as a medical problem. In case of a dental emergency, you can do the following to Save Your Tooth and Ease the Pain after booking your appointment with emergency dentist in Parramatta.

Tooth Condition: Tooth came out, i.e. avulsed

Action to be taken:-

  1. Hold the tooth from its crown, i.e. the exposed part of the teeth. Do not touch the root part as it might damage the cells necessary for realignment.
  2. Gently dip the tooth in clean water to remove dirt.
  3. Keep the tooth moist in water or milk.

Tooth Condition: Tooth has loosened from roots but still hanging in the mouth

Action to be taken:-

  1. Apply light pressure to the tooth to bring it in normal position in mouth.
  2. Bite down on the tooth to keep it stable.

Tooth Condition: Half broken or fractured tooth

Action to be taken:-

  1. Clean your mouth with warm water.
  2. Apply cold compression or an ice pack to avoid swelling.
  3. Take an ibuprofen or similar to ease the pain instead of aspirin.
  4. Fracture might be minor, moderate or severe which can be determined by emergency dentist in Parramatta and treated accordingly.

Tooth Condition: Bleeding in tooth and/or mouth

Action to be taken:-

  1. Wash your mouth with warm water.
  2. Immediately rush to emergency dentist Parramatta.

The following tips will help you in an emergency situation.

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