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Emergency Dentist Parramatta

If you are experiencing a dental emergency or require urgent dental treatment please call Green Dental emergency dentist parramatta on:   02 9687 2688

Dental emergencies are considered top priority at Parramatta Green Dental and we make it a point to ensure that all dental emergencies and concerns are attended as quickly as possible.

Emergency Dentist Parramatta

Cases such as trauma are considered as emergency, but here is a list of other problems that we list under emergency dental care:

In case of a Dental Emergency:

  • Give us a call immediately so that we could make arrangements to get an appointment as quickly as possible.
  • If you have a severe toothache, call us first, and confirm an appointment. If the pain is unbearable, you can take paracetamol or similar pain killers with the recommendation of your dentists.
  • Swellings are a result of infection and if you come across any symptoms of swelling, pain or irritation, consider it as dental emergency. In a few cases, this might be caused due to new fixtures or fittings as well.
  • In case of trauma, please get in touch with us immediately. Broken or fractured tooth can be repaired or restored by our expert dentists without causing any pain for you. If you have fractured or broken your tooth, avoid eating or drinking hot or cold substances.
  • If crowns, bridges or dentures come off, do not throw them away, wash them and store them in a clean place. Contact your dentist immediately since it will help us in fixing the crowns or bridges without the need for a root canal or any other major treatment.
  • If you have broken your dentures, do not try to glue them by yourself. We will get it fixed for you.
  • If you have a knocked out tooth, do not disturb it with your fingers or tongue. Don’t put the tooth in water, but put it in cold milk or keep it on either side of your mouth.

Please note that these are just temporary procedures, but you will have to get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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