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Fluoride Treatments

Naturally, fluoride is present in water and organic food, but since most of the food we consume nowadays is genetically modified, it is essential to take fluoride treatment in order to get stronger teeth. Though most toothpaste contains fluoride, dentists recommend a special fluoride treatment for children. Fluoride is essential in the development of teeth, especially for children, and Parramatta Green Dental provides the best treatment in the area.

Fluoride Treatments

Importance of Fluoride Treatment

While we eat, the food particles get accumulated in the mouth, giving room for bacteria. These bacteria attack the enamel of the teeth, thereby making it weak. Minerals in the teeth are also removed due to the consumption of artificial drinks and acidic food. This is called demineralisation, and it completely reduces the quality of the teeth. Generally, fluoride treatment is given to children who have cavities and also have the risk of developing cavities. Fluoride strengthens the teeth and makes it stronger, thereby repelling any infection causing agents on the surface of the tooth.

The Procedure

At Parramatta, fluoride treatment is carried out in the following steps.

  • A thorough check-up of the teeth and mouth will be performed
  • The teeth will be cleaned basically in order to remove any dirt on the surface
  • A special dental tray will be inserted into the mouth
  • The concentrated fluoride gel will be placed on the tray and left for a while
  • After that, the tray will be removed and the teeth will be varnished
  • Consumption or intake of food or water will be prohibited for the next 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the advice of the dentist

Advantages of fluoride treatment

  • Strengthens the tooth and prevents cavities
  • Enhances the natural colour of the tooth
  • Reduces the effect of plaque and tartar
  • Decreases sensitivity and pain
  • Fortifies gums and other tissues surrounding the tooth

Parramatta Green Dental offers the best fluoride treatment for children and adults alike.
Give us a call immediately to get your appointment fixed. It is best to get your child a fluoride treatment as soon as you can. Prevention is always better than cure. 

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