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Our Practice – Parramatta Green Dental

Parramatta Green Dental is dedicated to the provision of proper health care services in the dental industry. We make use of the most modern treatments and procedures to give you a beautiful smile which is long lasting and effective.

High Standards

All the equipment procured and used by Parramatta Green Dental are of high standards. Our staff are highly trained and experienced to handle any dental problem with precision and care. We also understand the need for emergency treatments and provide   quick care when required.

Parramtta Green Dental Practice

Education & Prevention

We provide information that every individual needs to know about his dental health. We believe that proper education about “dental health care” is necessary when compared to “disease care” to avoid serious conditions. We take great efforts in the proper diagnosis and treatment of dental problems.

Uncompromising Safety

At Parramatta, we always put safety first. Our entire facility is equipped with the best safety features and our standards, procedures perfectly comply with the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

Training & Expertise

Our team is highly experienced and trained professionals. Just as our equipment is advanced, we have some of the best skilled dentists in town. Even though they are experts in the field, we still make it a point to see that they are educated about the latest trend in the dental world, and frequent meetings and reviews are held to discuss and develop on new ideas.

We always look forward to improvement, and we also actively take part in associations and other conferences to keep ourselves well-informed.

A Positive Experience

Parramatta believes in proving a positive experience to both our clients and our staff, and we have been quite successful in this regard over the last decade. Our dedicated team of dentists and researchers always work together to provide the best treatment for our clients, according to their comfort.

Parramatta Green Dental is committed to dental health care and we would really love to serve you.

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