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Periodist Parramatta

In order to ensure better oral health it is best brush and floss and visit your dentist regularly to check for problems in your teeth. Our experts at Parramatta will have a better look at your teeth and help you prevent cavities or gum infections.  They will also check your tissues for symptoms of oral cancer.

Periodist Parramatta

The general recommendation by international dental association is to visit the dentist at least twice a year. However, depending on your dental conditions, we will provide you with a special dental plan, which will mention when you have to visit us.

General Check-up

The general check-up is an essential procedure for everyone visiting the dentist. During this check-up, the dentist will

  • Check for cavities or other infections
  • Check previous fillings or other installations
  • Thorough check-up of the gums for any infection or gum disease
  • Examination of the tissues like tongue, cheeks, lips etc. for oral cancer
  • Examination of the jaw and other joints


Normally, X-rays will be taken every 2 to 3 years to check for infections that are not visible on the outside of the teeth. Apart from this, scans and other 3D imaging systems can be used. This is the general procedure, but if you are diagnosed with any problem and undergoing treatment, then it might be essential to have X-rays taken as and when it is recommended by the dentist.

Treatment Plan

Based on the diagnosis, a treatment plan will be formulated. Some treatments might just take up to 2 sittings, while some might take more than that. While we try to minimize the number of sittings as much as possible, it is recommended that you cooperate with the dentist and the treatment plan.

At Parramatta, we care about the welfare of our patients and advise a regular check-up. If infections and cavities are left unattended in the early stages, it can lead to bigger problems and expenses.

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