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Porcelain Veneers

Happy, smiling couple sitting on couchWhen it comes to the best in cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers offer a host of advantages. These aesthetic restorations are bonded directly to the teeth that show when you smile, instantly changing your appearance.

We recommend considering veneers if you:

  • Have teeth free of decay and gum disease
  • Are self-conscious about your smile’s appearance
  • Want to see fast results
  • Have teeth that are crowded, misshaped, uneven or gapped

Same-Day Smile Makeover

Composite dental veneers are designed chairside, during the same appointment. In no more than two hours, you can have a new smile. We’ll hand select the exact shape and shade of each tooth to meet your preferences.

Although composite veneers are not as durable as porcelain designs, they’re much friendlier to your budget. We especially recommend same-day veneers if you have only a few teeth that need to be enhanced or require faster results.

Hollywood Smile Treatments

Our “Hollywood” porcelain veneers are professionally customised for your teeth in an off-site lab. Each one is handmade by our partnering technicians. They’re excellent for achieving dramatic aesthetics on multiple teeth when you want the most enhanced outcome possible.

Because of the design process involved, you’ll want to plan for at least two appointments. The first visit will be to prep your teeth and take an impression, with the permanent veneers placed about two weeks later.

What Do You Want to Change?

Getting veneers is a personal decision where we involve your goals and desires as part of the planning process. If you’re considering dental veneers, be sure to share what you like (and don’t) about your current smile. Next, let us know if there are similar smiles—such as ones you see in magazines—that you like better.

During your smile makeover consultation, we’ll discuss how veneers can work for you. Once they’re bonded into place, your smile will be changed forever!

Care and Maintenance

Your dental veneers need proper attention to help them last as long as possible. Avoid dark liquids and foods, which could stain them. Floss daily to keep the margins clean and avoid cavities in these areas. We also recommend wearing a night guard to reduce the risk of wear from teeth grinding.

Do You Qualify for Veneers?

Schedule a consultation today to find out if our same-day or Hollywood dental veneers are right for you.

* Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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