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Post Operative Instructions

Though we do our best treatment, it is vital for every patient to follow the post operation instructions given by the dentist. This will help in faster healing and reduction of other unwanted complications. Here are a few common post-op instructions, but be sure to ask your dentist about them.

Root Canal Therapy

After root canal therapy, soreness is expected. You should not disturb the tooth, take your antibiotics as instructed. It is also recommended that you use the other side of your mouth for chewing, for at least one week, since it might hurt the tooth.


For extractions, always take a taxi to get home or ask someone to accompany you. It will take some time for the anaesthesia to wear off, bleeding in the sockets might prevail for a few hours, and since your mouth will be numb, do not touch the socket with a finger or your tongue. This will only increase the pain and bleeding. If there is excess pain, use an ice pack, and if the bleeding prevails for a long time, get back to the dentist immediately.

Crowns and Bridges

When the temporary crown or bridge is installed, avoid flossing and brush gently. Also avoid eating hard substances because it might cause the crown or bridge to move deeper and hurt your tooth. It will take some time for the permanent bridges and crowns to set in.


Most of the post-op instructions for veneers are similar to the ones for crowns and bridges. Some people might have increased sensitivity after the installation of veneers, but this is normal. If any pain or sensitivity exists after a few days, then visit your dentist as soon as you can.

White fillings

After fillings are done, avoid hot or cold drinks and brush gently in the area for a few days. Once your fillings are set, you can get back to the normal procedure. If the fillings are in the front, avoid coffee or other dark coloured food substances for a week, since they might stain the filling permanently.

For any information regarding post-op care, do not hesitate to get in touch with our dentists.

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