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5 Questions You Must Ask Your Dentist

Your dental hygiene can save you your teeth and yes, huge amounts of pain as well. Keeping a good dental health is a regular process which must be followed up often with your dentist.

Dentist in Parramatta knows the intricacies and conditions that affect your teeth which enables him/her to guide you towards better oral care.

1.      What is My Dental Care Score?

A professional dentist in Parramatta examines your mouth for any evolving dental problems, sensitivity, and teeth strength. Based on the following parameters, he/she can tell you whether your oral conditions are risky, average or good.

2.      What Can I Do To Advance My Score And Have A Better Oral Health?

Dentists are able to tell what habits support good teeth. They add specific customised pointers which improve your oral health.

3.      What are Future Evolving Conditions of Cavities, If Any?

A slow tooth decay or cavity can be controlled or delayed with proper oral care. Dentist Parramatta analyses cavity condition and provides personalised self-care tips to support oral health.

4.      Are There Any Signs Of Evolving Problems Which My Family Doctor Should Know About?

Some diseases show their first signs in mouth like inflamed gums signal diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Your dentist can help you take quicker actions to beat these diseases.

5.      Based On Acidity Meter Of My Mouth, Should I Have Any Specific Diet Changes?

Your mouth opens your diet secrets which might be too much sugar or acid or vitamin C. A dentist can help you modify your diet for better oral health.

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