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Root Canal Parramatta

Root Canal treatment is quite popular in the world of dentistry and it is seen as a permanent solution to end cavities by most dentists. Root canal treatment is carried out when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected till the root. Hence, the root and the pulp will be removed after which the teeth will be cleaned to prevent any abscess formation. Root canal treatment is also referred to as endodontic in dentistry.

Root Canal Parramatta

Reasons for Root Canal Treatment

Here are a few reasons why root canal is performed

  • Prevention of decay through the enamel and into the pulp chamber
  • A trauma or an accident in which the tooth is damaged, affecting the pulp
  • Severe gum disease or other infections that have damaged the root of the teeth

Advantages of Root Canal

The main purpose of root canal treatment is to ultimately save the tooth from extraction.

Root Canal Therapy Parramatta

Here’s How It Is Done:

  • Using an X-Ray the level of infection is detected
  • The inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the area surrounding the root is cleaned thoroughly
  • Then, a rubber like material called gutta-percha is used to fill the area and seal the gap.
  • After this, the tooth will be fixed and filled
  • In some cases, a crown or a bridge might be necessary
  • Root canal treatment is as simple as a filling these days
  • Most treatments are completed in one sitting, but some might take two or three, if crows or bridges have to be attached
  • Once a root canal is done, you can be sure that you will have no chance of getting a cavity in the same area again, provided you maintain proper oral hygiene
  • If done in a perfect manner, most root canal treatments will be painless

Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Improves better chewing and restores natural condition of teeth
  • Normal biting force and sensation
  • The teeth will look natural like the other tooth
  • Protects other teeth as well

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