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The Significance of Sleep Dentistry and its Benefits in Parramatta Green Dental

While seeking sleep dentistry in Sydney, you can trust Parramatta Green Dental as we specialise in sedation dentistry and assure you of a pain-free experience. We make sure you get quality anaesthetic medication before the dental treatment, so you remain pain-free even in the most complicated and long duration procedures. For instance, it comes handy during the extraction of wisdom teeth, root canal treatment, bridge preparation, dental implant procedures among other treatments vital in maintaining good dental health.

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Sedation / Sleep Dentistry

We use Happy gas (or Nitrous oxide), which helps you to get lulled to a slumber, so you don’t feel nervous or anxious during a dental treatment process. It is a great advantage for people who are scared to visit the dentist or have dental phobia or had a bad experience in the past. Most often children who fear the dental chair and the dentist require sleep dentistry. In some cases, older people also need sleep dentistry so they can stay still while the treatment is going on. We make sure that the patients who need it avail it as soon as possible.

Choosing the option of sleep dentistry would also help the dentist to work smoothly and quickly if you are not shaking with nervousness or blabbering due to fear of treatment. The kinds and degrees of the sleep dentistry are varied. Your dentist would decide what sort of sleep dentistry is the best suited for you after viewing your case history and the amount or intensity of dental treatments you need.

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