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Sports Mouthguard

Mouth guards are mostly used in boxing and other sports to prevent trauma in the teeth. Most of these are manufactured using Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a plastic material that is tough, yet acts as a cushion to protect your teeth.

Sports Mouth Guards

This material is also easy to mould and preferred as a universal choice for making mouth guards. Indirectly, mouth guards will even protect your neck and the brain from getting damaged. Parramatta Green Dental provides custom designed mouth guards for our patients, which are specially designed by our dentists.

Mouth guards can also be bought directly, but not all of them would fit perfectly. Moreover, the purpose of a mouth guard will be entirely lost if it does not fit perfectly in your mouth. This is precisely why you will have to consult a dentist.

The procedure

Parramatta Green Dental follows a simple procedure to give you the perfect mouth guard

  • The dentist will perform an examination of your teeth
  • Impressions will be taken separately for the upper and lower jaws
  • The moulds will then be sent to a laboratory, where our technician will work on the guard
  • The custom made guard will then be fabricated
  • After this, the guard will be tried on the patient
  • If any changes are required they will be done and the guard will be fitted again

Advantages of Getting a Mouth Guard from Parramatta Green Dental:

  • The mouth guards will fit perfectly
  • They will not hurt you when worn
  • The quality of the material used is the best in the industry
  • It will not wear out easily
  • Needs less maintenance

Disadvantages of getting a mouth guard without dentist’s consultation

  • Improper fitting of the guard
  • Chances of increased trauma and pain due to improper fitting
  • The mouth guard might fall off while the user is in action
  • Low quality materials will be used which could cause infection in the teeth

Taking care of mouth guards

  • Mouth guards should be washed and kept in solutions as directed by the dentists
  • Take the mouth guards to the dentist whenever you go for a check-up, since they might need replacement

If you want to get your customised mouth guard, call us immediately.     

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