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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Parramatta

One of the most important cosmetic procedures in dentistry is teeth whitening. Parramatta Green Dental provides state-of-the-art teeth whitening services that do not include any drilling/removal. You can avail teeth whitening procedures at Parramatta Green dental or at the comfort of your home.

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As we grow older, our teeth get discoloured. Not all people have white teeth, but teeth whitening procedures can make your smile look better by brightening the present shade of your teeth. Discoloration of teeth can occur due to:

  • Drinks like coffee or red wine
  • Formation of tartar
  • Smoking
  • Natural pigmentation of teeth
  • Consuming food with strong colours (both artificial and natural)

Before you undergo the procedure, you must understand what it’s all about. Teeth Whitening is the process of lightening the natural color of your teeth while removing any other permanent stain. There are small holes in the enamel of your teeth. Stains and other discolorations will seep into these holes and lodge there. A gel based on peroxide will be used to get into these holes and when the gel reacts, it will send in oxygen, thereby making your teeth lighter in color. There are different methods of teeth whitening. The basic idea is to bleach your teeth by infusing oxygen into it. At Parramatta Green Dental, we make sure to test you before and after any treatment are given.

In Surgery Whitening

We offer in-surgery whitening treatment, which will make your teeth multiple times lighter in one or two hours. First, our dentists will assess your teeth along with the gums and give a report. Based on the report, the whitening treatment will be suggested.

At Parramatta Green Dental, most of the treatment procedures are similar. Firstly, the gums on the tooth must be protected using a rubber coating. After this, a gel will be applied to your teeth and activated with a laser light. After some time, the gel will be removed and the teeth will be cleaned.

Home Whitening

For those who wish to whiten their teeth at home, Parramatta Green Dental provides a unique whitening kit. After the dentist examines your teeth, a custom whitening kit will be prepared. We will provide custom whitening trays and the peroxide based whitening gel.

The tray will be prepared by taking an impression of the teeth and making a mold. Once this is done, the trays will be fabricated using the mold. The gel should be applied in the tray and fitted on the teeth. The whitening will take place slowly and this procedure should be followed for a number of days as recommended by the dentist.

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