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Dental Tooth Extraction

Dental Extraction is a removal of a tooth from the mouth.

Tooth Extraction involves the process of surgically removing the tooth permanently due to advanced infection or decay. Here are a few other reasons why tooth can be extracted:

  • Misalignment or improper growth of wisdom teeth that results in pain
  • Cosmetic reasons in order to remove unwanted teeth or make teeth in a straight line
  • Periodontal disease or any other bacterial infection
  • Broken or damaged teeth that have become too weak as a result of trauma
  • Other medical conditions

Tooth Extraction

Extraction Procedure

Parramatta Green Dental offers tooth extraction services that’s painless. Our dental experts will complete the procedure without causing any discomfort.

This is how the tooth extraction procedure is carried out. There are two ways of extractions – simple and surgical.

In the simple extraction method, the dentist will check if the tooth is visible completely. This is generally done for teeth that are decayed or have cavities, or have not been completely broken by trauma. Local anaesthetic will be administered, after which the teeth will be pulled out using forceps. The procedure involves pressure, but you will not feel any pain.

Surgical extraction is a more complex procedure where our dentists will have to do a minor surgery to get the remnants of the tooth out. This is done when the tooth is partially visible. A small incision will be made on the gum, and the tooth will be extracted.

After Extraction Care

After the tooth has been extracted, you will be asked to bite on a swab till the bleeding stops. After this, you should not touch or disturb the blood clot. If the bleeding does not stop, get back to your dentist immediately.

The anaesthetic effect will still be there for an hour or two after the extraction, avoid eating or drinking hot or cold liquids for some time as suggested by the dentist. If there is pain after the anaesthetic wears off, take tablets as prescribed by the dentist. Do not try to take your own medication because tablets like Aspirin may lead to bleeding once again.

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