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Toothache – Reasons And How To Handle One

Toothache – Reasons And How To Handle One

“Some pains a physical, and some pains are mental, but the one that’s both is dental” – Ogden Nash
Your head pounds, your gum throbs, and your mouth is sore and tender? You have got a toothache!
A toothache is such a frustrating condition that results from various causes. Toothaches can take a lot of forms, you may feel dull, throbbing pain in your jaw, a sharp pain when you bite or drink something cold. But it has one thing in common, they tend to be a symptom of an issue which your dentist in Parramatta will need to address.
Even if your pain subsides on its own, it doesn’t mean the problem is resolved. If your teeth or gum is upsetting, there are good chances, which your body is warning you that there is something wrong, do not ignore it.
Common Causes Of Dental Ache Includes:
There is no one reason for a toothache because the dental pain is usually a symptom of some serious problem in your body, it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible.
1. Gum Disease: The plaque formation in the gum, if left unnoticed, can damage the tooth root and the bone that supports your teeth. This gradually causes the teeth to loosen and cause ache.
2. Tooth Decay: If bacteria or plaque erodes the enamel of your teeth, the sensitive nerve ending gets exposed within the underlying dentine and continue to infiltrate into the centre of the tooth reaching the pulp, resulting in severe pain and sensitivity. Your dentist in Parramatta can detect these at an early stage and cure it at ease if you go for regular dental check-ups.
3. Abscess: Gum disease and tooth decay can cause an abscess to form alongside and below the tooth root. This can cause pain and spread infection.
4. Bruxism: This is a painful condition that results from grinding your teeth, it causes the teeth to wear down over time, exposing the sensitive layers of the teeth and also strain the supporting structures.
5. Trauma: If your tooth gets chipped or cracked due to some trauma or accidents, you will be in severe pain that can make you visit an emergency dentist in Parramatta.
Tips To Follow When You Suffer A Toothache:
The first and foremost tip anyone would give is a visit to a dentist. Do not put yourself at risk. A toothache is not just a condition, it is an alarm of some other serious condition too. However, if you could not see your dentist right away and the pain is unbearable, try out some remedies to ease yourself before reaching the dental clinic in Parramatta:
• Try reaching your dentists through phone and ask for some pain relievers.
• Gargle with lukewarm salt water.
• Place an ice bag beside your cheek to numb the affected area.
• Apply gauze and bite if you bleed.
• A toothache can also result when some food particles get stuck between your teeth, so try brushing.

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