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Orthodontist Parramatta

Misalignment, crooked and angular growth of the teeth are a few reasons for an unhappy smile. At Parramatta, we are committed to make your smile better than ever, and since we are one of the best orthodontists around, you can count on us to give the best treatment options.

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Orthodontist Parramtta

Orthodontics Treatment

Orthodontics generally deals with the treatment of misaligned teeth. Though this is generally carried out in children, there is a misconception that Orthodontics is not for adults. Straightening of teeth in adults and other treatments take some time, but it is actually a myth that orthodontic treatment can be given only for children.

At Parramatta, we provide Orthodontic treatments for both children and adults alike. The myth is slowly being overlooked and many adults are now opting for Orthodontics, irrespective of their age group. Orthodontics might be performed both for cosmetic and hygienic reasons, and it is a must if recommended by the dentist.

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Orthodontist Parramatta


First, you will have to consult our Orthodontist regarding your problems. After a thorough examination, the treatment that is best for you will be considered and you will be briefed about it. Sometimes, our experts might also give alternatives for you to choose from. The consultation will mostly take one or two appointments, after which the treatment will be finalised.


The most common treatment for angular growth of teeth is to use braces. Braces which were used earlier were visible and looked ugly, but we provide clear, transparent braces that are almost invisible and not so easily identifiable. Sometimes, other cosmetic treatments like installation of crowns and bridges might be required, and in a few cases, a minor surgery might also be needed. Whatever it is, we will provide you the best options available and you do not have to panic.

If you are in need of an Orthodontic treatment, you can give us a call right away and get your appointment fixed. Our team of dental experts are always prepared to make your smile better with the most advanced techniques available in the industry.

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